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Cleaning Tips

Simple Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Facility Managers

With fresh buds on the trees and the first flowers in bloom, spring is truly a season for renewal. As the weather warms, there’s no better time for facility managers to freshen up their buildings with a few fixes and improvements, especially after a harsh winter season. Prepare your facility for this vibrant new season with these simple spring cleaning tips for facility managers.

Take a Good Look Around

Before the spring cleaning begins, pinpoint your facility's biggest problem areas. Remember, small problems can quickly become big, expensive issues if they're not addressed immediately. Be thorough in your examination and ask the janitorial team or a licensed handyman to take a tour of the facilities with you. Trusted experts are excellent at pointing out problems you might not have noticed otherwise.

After a long, harsh winter, several areas of a facility are prime candidates for wear and tear. Cold temperatures, excess moisture, and salt tracked inside from the street can damage many different surfaces and materials. Pay special attention to the following trouble spots:

Corner guards
Doors and cabinets
Fire extinguishers
Flooring tiles
Light switches
Storage shelves
Tiles and grout

Commercial Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Did you know that having a clean workplace can actually help increase productivity and boost morale? Take the time to spruce up your space, and welcome everyone into a sparkling office this spring. Use these three simple spring cleaning tips to cover the most important areas:

Deep clean the problem spots

Since winter often takes its heaviest toll on flooring, it's vital to shampoo carpets and properly clean hardwood, tile, and concrete floors on at least an annual basis.Commercial floor cleaningextends to washroom floors, too. Working with a professional janitorial team can often be the most convenient and efficient method of deep cleaning a commercial property's floors and carpets. Winter boots bring the season's road salt, dirt, and snow into all these spaces and can cause damage to surfaces and fixtures, and professionals can often help you identify areas in need of additional care or repair, as well.




While spring may seem too early to turn on the air, we recommend testing these systems well in advance of when you need them. Once the summer's heat waves arrive, a faulty A/C unit is the last thing your business needs. Since these cooling systems often go unused all winter, they are susceptible to dust and dirt buildup, which could lead to lower efficiency, unpleasant smells, increased allergens, and even unit failure.

需要帮助实施这些提示?联系ServiceMaster Clean的专万博man手机家,以帮助您在适用于您的时间表和预算时深入清洁您的设施。准备好处理最艰难的污垢,我们可以抛光和维修你的每一寸建筑物。肮脏的地毯,破裂的灌浆和斑纹的窗户对我们的团队成员没有匹配,因为我们永远不会在你身边满足。联系我们现在李尔王n more.

Cleaning Tips

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